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How To Become a Sponsor

The Courageous Women, Fearless Living Retreat wants to make it easy for individuals and companies to contribute to our efforts through sponsorship and donations.

Please complete this brief form to express your interest in sponsorship!

Sponsorship Interest Form

Sponsor vs Donor

What's the difference between a sponsor and a donor?

For CWFL, a sponsor is an individual or corporation that provides a fixed amount at agreed-upon intervals for a set period of time. A donor gives a one-time contribution. Of course, if a donor's contribution is significant enough to enable us to start or complete a special project, we would certainly consider them to be a sponsor. 

All sponsors and donors are acknowledged in our marketing efforts; we invite them to provide their company's logo and brief description, which we will then showcase on our website and social media pages.


Our Sponsors

Hemera Foundation is a private foundation founded in 2007 as a twenty-five year spend-up foundation. The Foundation’s programs promote healing, wholeness, and compassion on individual and collective levels; they do this by identifying and providing resources, training, and tools that allow individuals to reconnect with the innate goodness and sanity of the human person. Currently, they fulfill this vision through programs in contemplative practice, early childhood development, education, and the arts.

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Established in 1971 by Tibetan meditation master and teacher Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Shambhala Mountain Center welcomes all people with inspiration, interest and curiosity about the nature of self and society. They are the birth place of this retreat and have supported it through discounts, scholarships and a generous marketing budget. Shambhala Mountain Center offers an oasis for relaxing into basic goodness, rediscovering a sense of balance and appreciating the sacredness of the world. Their vision is one of enlightened society and creating a culture of kindness, generosity and courage.

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